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Memories and Sea Stories from USS Duluth LPD-6

    We are compiling here, an archive of all of the many memories and stories that all of us enjoy sharing with our shipmates at reunions and other times.  For each of us, our time aboard   USS Duluth LPD-6 left us with indelible memories that have impacted our lives ever since. 

    Every one of us have numerous wonderful memories, some funny, some sad, some of important events that took place, some of amazing experiences that no one ever thought possible.  This archive is a legacy for our shipmates, family members and anyone interested in knowing about our experiences aboard USS Duluth LPD-6.  The year shown indicates the time the story began or took place.  If you would like to submit a story to be added to the archives, please complete the form below the archived story list.

(click on the Source name or Subject to link to the archived story)

     Year           Subject                         Source
    1969        Last of Evans         James Shepard, ABFAN

    1969        Biography              Dave Watson, RM2

    1976        Injured Aloft         Dave Watson, RM2

    1972        Loss at sea              Gary Higgins, BM3

    1977        Boot Question       Jim Barrett, SM2

    1977        Oh Buoy                  Don Rowe, ETN3

    1977        Sea Trials               Don Rowe, ETN3

    1977        CH-53 crash          Don Rowe, ETN3

    1977        Espionage              Don Rowe, ETN3

    1977        Met my wife          Don Rowe, ETN3

    1977        Christmas              Don Rowe, ETN3

    1979       Green Marines     John Adams, RM3


    Please fill out the form below and relate as much detail as you can.  Your story can be any length and can be copy/pasted into the appropriate entry field on this form.  We promise to keep your email address confidential and will not post or share it. 

    Once your information is received, it will be reviewed and converted to a PDF file that can be referenced and published on this site.  If we have any questions about your story submission, we will contact you at the email you provided.  

    If you would prefer to submit your story via email, please submit to this email address: don.rowe@ussduluth.org  Please allow a few days for us to get your story published after submission.  Also, if you would like to have a photo included in your story, you will need to email it to the email address provided, as the form cannot accept photos.

Thank you, very much, for sharing  your memories.

Sea Stories and Memories