Our next Town Hall Meeting, for ALL USS Duluth Shipmates and deployed Marines, will be held on 

Saturday, February 8, 2020.  

Our tele-conference meeting will commence at:

1300 Eastern

1200 Central

   1100 Mountain

   1000 Pacific.   

Select the link at the bottom of this page for the instructions on how to access the meeting teleconference call.


    The main topic of the meeting will be the location of the 2021 Reunion.   John Adams, our Reunion Committee Chairman, has done extensive research in the location since our reunion in June of 2019.   His research and discussions with many shipmates culminated in an extensive letter that was first posted on Facebook on December 24th, and again on January 8th.   

His letter is posted here:

As many of you know, many months ago, prior to the June 2019 reunion in Duluth Minnesota, a vote was taken for potential new reunion sites which included a cruise, Corpus Christi TX, Mobile AL, San Diego CA, and Las Vegas NV. As many of you know, the winner turned out to be Mobile AL. Duluth Minnesota, our ship’s namesake and the location of all reunions since 2013 was purposely left off the ballot for several reasons, including an attempt to increase our membership and solidify the membership base. However, a funny thing happened on the way to Mobile……..
During the All-Hands meeting in Duluth in June 2019, as the reunion update was discussed, the majority of members who have supported our organization since its founding in 2011, voiced displeasure that Duluth had lost the vote primarily due to the fact that Duluth was not on the ballot at all. Many told us that they only voted for Mobile by default because Duluth was not on the ballot. Many concerns arose and this discussion continued back in the Hotel between me and many of these shipmates, with a number of them being pretty upset. Upon my return home and unbeknownst to the Board in my capacity as the reunion coordinator, I conducted a survey of almost everyone who voted in the April 2019 reunion location vote. The vote was conducted by e-mail and 4 questions were asked:
The following is edited for space so as not to tie up the Facebook page with too much detail. The bottom line is this: Total number surveyed in this poll: 43
Total of number of responses: 22
Percentage of response: 51%
Total number who want Duluth to return to Duluth (a) 10 (23%)
Total number who want Duluth primary but would go elsewhere (b) 11 (26%)
Total number who want to go elsewhere (c) 5 (12%)
Note that the totals of (a) and (b) could arguably be combined which would be a 51% response to stay in Duluth, plus some who did not respond and feel the same way at least that I recall them telling me during our fireside chats.
The first reunion was in Duluth for obvious reasons, the others have been held there due to the ongoing wonderful relationship we have had with the City Government, the news media, Federal and State legislators, as well as those seeking to help us preserve the history of the USS Duluth LPD6 in and around the City of Duluth, to include a museum and those at the Naval History and Heritage Command, not to mention a really cool monument the community built, using our ship’s starboard anchor. All have been working together to leave a legacy to the City of Duluth about the history not only of our ship, but the Navy and Marine Corps teams that in both peace and war made a difference in the world from combat operations to relief operations around the world and the United States.
Back in 2011 when there were 5 or 6 of us with the wonderful idea of reuniting on a regular basis to reminisce and talk over good times, morphed into a trip of nostalgia and pride in having served our country and maybe made a difference.
While we originally felt that we would move the reunion around the country every couple of years and primarily knowing how expensive things can be these days we also tried to keep costs down to as low as possible,which we have been able to do in Duluth. Initially, cost was the primary driver but after each reunion we gained more friends of our group who have contributed greatly and as most of you know, one of our anchors is on display along the lake shore drive near the Vietnam Memorial along the shores of Lake Superior; we have a museum display in the Saint Louis County Historical Society. Work is now ongoing to build us a larger location for our ship’s artifacts and possibly a small museum itself, so this too became a driving force in returning to Duluth.  Most ship’s crews do not have a home port to call home, but we have been fortunate to have been embraced by the community for which our ship was named and we have what most do not have – a home.
And now as life continues to evolve and for those who proudly served during the evacuation of Vietnam in Operation Frequent Wind in 1975, a large contingent of Vietnamese refugees who were evacuated to the Philippines aboard USS Duluth have been honored by the City this past October 2019. They have a number of families that now wishes to attend the 2021 reunion if held in Duluth, so they can meet up with crewmembers they met while onboard the Duluth and to meet others who served aboard the ship that literally saved their lives.
I reported this information to the Board and we have discussed this topic for about 3 months. I also discussed this with one of our founding members, Captain Larry Grimes, USN Retired, who was my first C.O. aboard Duluth 1977-1978 as well as Patrick Butler, past USS DULUTH LPD6 Crewmember Association Vice President who has conducted additional get togethers in other locations. It has been determined that in order to be fair to the majority of active members a run-off vote will need to be taken between the locations of Mobile Alabama and Duluth Minnesota and  it is tentatively set to be conducted in February 2020 and will be preceded by a tele-conference Town Hall meeting on February 8, 2020. More details will follow.
In order to be fair, the runoff vote will only be open to those who actually voted in the April 2019 vote and they will be contacted a few times before February 2020.
We apologize for having to do this. However, it would seem that as Mr. Spock once said in Star Trek, “The needs of the many, outweigh the needs of the few, or the one.” We felt that we must actively support the members who have been onboard since 2013.
Patrick Butler and I have discussed ways to hopefully increase membership and he and I will have ongoing discussions concerning this.
We would love to have many more of you attend our next reunion in 2021, wherever it turns out to be. In order for our legacy to continue after we are gone, we are dependent upon much younger shipmates joining with us. We encourage you to go to our website: to see our stories and see what has been going on since this group was launched in 2011. We want you to join us and become involved.  We may be getting older, but we are no less “Bold in Action!”
Stay tuned for more details.

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