In 2021, there are two major events that our crew will be participating in:

The 2021 Reunion of the Ship's Crew will take place in Mobile, Alabama.


The Commissioning Ceremony for the USS Minneapolis-Saint Paul (LCS-19), to be held in Duluth. We were invited personally by the Deputy Under Secretary of the Navy Jodi Greene to participate in the events and ceremony.


Linked below is a letter from John Adams, our Reunion Committee Chairman, detailing what he and the Executive Board have been discussing about the 2021 Reunion and the background information leading up to the February 8, 2020 Town Hall Meeting and the Reunion Location. There is also information pertaining to the commissioning ceremony for the USS Minneapolis-Saint Paul.


2021 USS Duluth Reunion Location Voting Results

You can view and/or download the results of the voting, by clicking on the button below:


The USS Duluth Crewmembers Association Executive Board offers their sincere gratitude to everyone who took the time to vote and provide their ideas & comments.

A lot of time and work was expended in researching background information - hotels, activities, etc. for each of the locations on the ballot for vote. To read and/or download the information, click on the button below.

The information about the selected location, Mobile, Alabama, begins on Page One:

2021 Reunion Ballot info