Command History Reports

        When originally submitted by each Commanding Officer at the end of each calendar year, the report was called the Command Operational Report.  

        Depending on the length of time since each report was submitted depends on where it is located in Washington DC.   Some are held by the US Archives, and some are held by the US Navy at the Naval Heritage and History Command.   Now the report is known as the Command History Report (CHR). 

        Under a Freedom of Information Act submittal, the USS Duluth Crewmembers Association has requested copies of all the CHR's that the USS Duluth LPD-6 submitted during the time of her commission.  

        We have now received 39 of the 40 years of reports.   The 1996 report is missing, and it appears that it was never submitted.

        Some reports will have blacked out portions, which are called redactions.  These are most commonly the names of Navy personnel directly mentioned in the reports.   Those names are removed for security purposes of those individuals.

        Links to those reports are listed below: